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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surprise Chocolate Ball.

My friend sent me these pictures of these wonderful round chocolate desserts melting, with another dessert inside.
The next day I searched on the Internet on how to make it, and found these wonderful video with the recipe with Byron Talbott (click on his name and you can see the full recipe and the video).
On his recipe, he uses a round chocolate mold, that I could not find. So I tried to use a heart shaped mold. But my idea did not work, mainly because the chocolate heart was too thick, and the sauce could not melt the walls of the heart. If I made the chocolate thinner, it would break every time I tried to unmold.
Then I figured the chocolate layer needed to be thin, in order to melt. That is why I decided to mold it in a balloon.
I had to spread the melted chocolate with a spatula, around the balloon (previously washed and cleaned). It was pretty messy, and I used about 12 oz of chocolate.
Note: I placed the balloon on top of a tall plastic container to stand. But in order not to move as I was spreading the chocolate, I tied the balloon with a string, and the other end to a heavy cup. The cup was placed inside the plastic container, with the balloon still attached. This way the whole thing wouldn't move as I was working.
After refrigerated, the chocolate was hardened and I popped the balloon.
In a big plate I arranged two pieces of brownies, and a few little scoops of vanilla ice cream.
Then I covered the dessert with the chocolate ball.
At the moment it was served, I poured boiling hot fudge (I bought a container in the ice cream aisle) over. It is a fun thing to watch.
And the family loves to eat it.