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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Minecraft Cake.

Our friend Kevin just turned 10, and I remember he loved this Minecraft cake on a magazine.
But of course I am still recovering from my Halloween party last week, so I couldn't come up with any crazy ideas.
My shortcut was to print a couple of characters in paper and place on top of a cake. The paper decorations I found from this site: (click the name to go to their link), and the pig was from Minecraft Printables. They were a little more work than I thought. But after some time with patience, scissors, glue and tape, I finished the toys.
By the time I had to make the cake, I had a little more energy and time. So I made all these squares using fondant. I let them dry overnight, before applying to the cake.

I made a rectangular cake, cut and stacked to be more like a cube. After frosting the entire cake, I placed the individual sugar squares. They weren't perfectly cut, so adding the paper decorations covered my flaws, and made it look more fun.
The cake looked a little crazy and disproportional, but the kids had a good time, and Kevin had that big smile on his face. Just what I wanted to see.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Kevin!