Sunday, April 13, 2014

Play with the food before we eat!

Today I was making sticky rice, and remember those nice Japanese lunch boxes with cute rice animals. And decided to give it a try.
So I grabbed everything I had in the fridge that would look nice, and my handy dandy vegetable cutters.

We made some cucumber and carrot flowers.

Then I notice the tortillas resemble paper, so I could use food coloring pens and scissors.

A cut hot dog also looked useful. And with the cucumber skin I cut cut up the skinny legs.

The rice was shaped in a small bowl, so I could place the details I cut with the tortillas.

And we decided to eat outside, since the day was so nice (and also I didn't have to look at the mess we made in the kitchen).

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

School Spring Party!

It is my first time going to my kids class parties. Juice boxes for the kindergarten class, and little bunny graham crackers for the third graders. As I scratched my head to make them more attractive for the parties, I saw some pictures of a panda.
So this is how I decided to decorate the juice boxes.
Using regular white card stock paper, I cut the shape of the body. Then using black velour paper to cut the ears, eyes and arms.
Glue them together and to the juice box.

Then with my Sharpie, I drew the nose and mouth.
I had some Spring stickers, so I gave one sticker for each bear.

A simple idea to make them a little cuter.

For the crackers, I used small 3oz Dixie cups, and placed the cups in a box for transportation.
I cut green paper to make "grass".

Then I decided to make pinwheels to place on each cup (that don't spin).
I used a square piece of paper and cut from the 4 diagonal corners, stopping close to the center.

Then folded 4 alternating corners, overlapping in the center. To attach them, I sewed the center.

Then I glue them in a straw, and glued a pom pom in the middle.

And this is how they will be served.

They took a few hours of my day to complete, but since I have a little time, it is always a chance to make things colorful.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring parties are the best.

Up to last year, I always did a birthday for my two kids in the same day. Spring birthdays, and they were little and liked the same baby shows. It was easy...
For their fifth and second birthday, I made a cupcake tower using stickers from The Little Einsteins.

I made birthday hats using instructions from Martha Stewart.

To decorate the table, I used a few colorful plastic toys to place food inside (washed well before). I made some treats using ice cream cones that I dipped in chocolate, used some sprinkles for decoration, and used cotton candy (that I bought in a bag) for ice ice cream.

I made cupcakes and used different colors for the frosting, and placed some M&Ms on top.

Made cake pops with bright colors to stand on the table.

All colorful, just like Spring.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Fun. Lazy style.

My little son was asking when I was going to decorate the house for Easter, and then I realized how close we are to Easter Sunday.
I was very unmotivated to boil and color eggs, clean up and get colorful stain all over me. That's when I saw with my decoration, a bag of Creatology Paper Mache Eggs. I bought on sale last year at Michaels (I am sure they currently sell them), and I thought it was an idea worth sharing.
So we grabbed my Infinity permanent metallic markers, and the kids colored the eggs. No mess, doesn't stain their hands and they look very shiny.

I had some blue Crinkle Paper, and made a little nest for the eggs.
I placed the nest with the eggs on top of a small round baking pan, and covered with my most Spring looking paper, and my son placed some bunny and chick stickers.
I had also some other decorations from the dollar store, that make the table pretty colorful.
It made us happy, him for making the Easter decoration, myself for not having to clean up.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sheep Party, I miss you!

I miss the cute birthday parties I did for my kids when they were smaller, and I found these pictures from the time they agreed with my suggestions.
We were obsessed with Shawn the Sheep, and all I wanted to do is make a sheep birthday party. They said it was a fantastic idea.
I made these decorations using Crayola Model Magic clay. You can play with the kids, and it air dries, so you keep whatever you modeled.

I like using a cake stand, to give the impression of a bigger cake, and to place any decorations you want. I make a round stand using styrofoam, then cover with whatever appropriate paper to the theme. Then using stickers is a easy way to make it more colorful.
The little decorations on the cupcakes I also made with scrapbook paper, and cut with my Hole Puncher that looks like a flower. And a little sicker on the center always make very festive.

The sheep hanging on a mobile are made of white yarn, and the heads with the same clay.

That was their 6th and 3rd birthday party. Still cute, and still could do it together.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The making of Star Wars Party Part III: DIY R2D2s and The Space Refrigerator Thing.

Another activity I planned for the kids was for them to make their own R2D2s.
For the top I used a 4 inch styrofoam ball, and cut in half with my hot styrofoam cutter. I used the same cutter to make the body, cutting a thick piece of styrofoam in a circle. And I also cut a small triangle for that little triangle pedal under R2D2 (don't know the name of that).

For the arms on the side, I cut in foam sheet and a piece of cardboard glued on top.
I used the same white foam sheet to cover the body, and I plan to draw his details for the kids to paint with markers.
Hopefully my plans will work, for the boys to color R2D2 and take as a gift.

We also decided to make a space- like control panel using a big box. And we thought it would be cool to have our humidifier inside, to have smoke and blue light coming out.
I grabbed a bunch of loose Legos and other toys pieces that would resemble a control from a spaceship.

After making sure where they fit, they were removed so the box could be covered in aluminum foil. So then I placed the toy pieces again, some had to be glued. Using my label maker I wrote some words that sounded they belonged to a space control.

And I used some screws and metals to make more realistic, and with a black pen I made some marks for more details.

Our humidifier helped because it makes noise, has a blue light and it blows a very thick smoke (making the background black makes the smoke more visible).

So we will use for the kids to get juice. I think it will be a fun decoration.