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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bird House

Monday, January 25, 2016

Litttle Bird House.

This weekend we had the big blizzard of 2016, and since I am stranded at home, I decided to make some woodwork.
I had to make something small, because there was only small pieces of wood at home.
First I sat with my cat to make the design.
Then I made the pattern with paper, then transfer to the wood.
And cut all the pieces of wood.
After cutting they all needed to be sanded.
After cleaning all the sawdust, I had a chance to have fun and paint whatever I wanted.
One of the walls I planned to make in acrylic, and I could use some of glass paint I bought at Michaels.
After dried, I glued all the pieces.
I could not figure out a way the secure the house to hang in the tree, so I decided to hold the house with twines and a tree branch. And that extra branch gave me an idea, and I made two birds in polymer clay.
I left one of the sides of the roof easy to open, so I can place the bird food inside.
So hopefully the birds outside can find some nutritious food in my tree, in this cold winter.
Come eat!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Little wheelbarrow.

Last week was my friend Diane's birthday, and I finally finished her present. Between my scroll saw breaking, and the time to go to Harbor Freight to exchange the machine, her birthday had passed.
But I will give it to her this week, when I see her for my birthday.
This was my first time cutting such a detailed work in wood, and hopefully no one who is a professional will see it. But I did the best I could, and it was a good practice.
I used a template I found online, and glued to 1/8 inch plywood.
Then it was a lot of cutting, changing saw blades, breaking the blades, then the machine broke, exchanging the machine, and finally finish cutting.
And a lot of saw dust in my living room, that I had to vacuum each time.
After sanding a zillion times, I glued the pieces together.
Then finally my signature.
It is not the finest woodwork, but not bad for a beginner.
And it was worth the effort, for Diane.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Last minute birthday present.

Celebrating a friend's birthday is always a chance to let them know how special it is to have them in your life.
So today is my friend Diane's birthday, and the present I was making for her won't be done until next week. I didn't know what to do, so I quickly grabbed some items at Michaels.
But it didn't mean I wouldn't make it special, and thoughtful.
I found a nice jar, pretty rocks and lavender incenses (the little candle in the picture was not used). Plus I had some cute shells from the beach.
Quickly I was able to put them together, and with a nice card and a balloon.
Those are the moments that makes you feel grateful to have good people in your life.
Happy birthday, Diane.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Maneki- neko lamp.

Today is New Years day, and I just finished another project with my Christmas present, my beautiful scroll saw.
It is my Maneki- neko lamp, very appropriate for today's date.
It is a fortune cat that is believed to bring good luck. Or as I was told growing up, the cat will bring you money.
For a beginner's project, I decided just to cut out the shape of the cat, and the outlines for the face and paws.
Then the cat itself was glued in a piece of acrylic, making it look like he is floating.
So for 2016, I wish all the luck, good fortune, and prosperity for everyone.

And a enlightened life.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Animals in Wood.

My father was the greatest craftsman I ever knew. The bad thing is I never took the advantage to learn the art, or watch him work on his workshop.
But my husband has been taken this new hobby, and he can make a lot of things in wood. So now I won't let this chance go, and he has been teaching me the basics of woodwork.
After working on the big saw, sanding and gluing some basic pieces, he got me a nice Scroll Saw as a Chistmas present.
I was so excited that I made a little project on Christmas morning, and spread sawdust in the house while he cooked. I made a little cat.
Then researching on Scroll Saw projects, I found a technique called Intarsia, which uses inlays in wood with different colors. I tought it was so amazing, I needed to try.
First I had to make a design, and a racoon caught my eye. I made him inside a tree trunk, that I saw on another design with an owl.
The machine was kind of using a sewing machine, with a tougher material. Another crucial step is carefully sanding each piece.
The tricky part was not to loose the pieces, which I did trying to vacuum the dust (my husband was able to open the vacuum and find my piece).
I individually painted each part, then again mixing up the pieces and having a hard time putting the puzzle together.
After dried, the pieces were glued to another piece of wood, then varnished a couple of times.
I really liked working with wood, and have lots of projects in mind.