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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DIY Stress Balls.

My son told me his friend had a stress ball made with a balloon and flower, and if we could make one too.
It sounded simple enough and after peeking at some ideas on the internet, it looked like a good project for a rainy, gloomy day.

I collected some balloons from the closet (balloons are always good to have in handy if you have children), cornstarch and flour.
A funnel is important, but I don't own one so I cut the top of an old shampoo bottle.
After placing the balloon on the funnel, I put about 5 to 6 tablespoons of cornstarch.
Then just tie the end.

I ran out of cornstarch and used flour on the blue one.
The flour ball fells softer, but it doesn't hold the shape like the cornstarch.
Anyway, they are all good to squeeze, and release some tension that we carry.
Releasing the tension on balloons instead of on other people I say, would be ideal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pokemon Mega Scizor Costume.

Pokemon cards are all over this house, and of course my son wanted to be a Pokemon for Halloween. But not a simple one, a Scizor. Not only a Scizor, a Mega.
After looking at other costumes and the pictures, I decided to start from the head.I used a bicycle helmet shape the head part around it, cutting pieces of cardboard and using tape to attach the parts.
After the spikes were completed, he painted in red.
After it was painted, the blue tape was still showing, so I covered the entire piece with red duct tape.
And my son made the part to make it Mega. He cut a piece of cardboard and I covered in black tape.
Next was the chest part, that was easier. I cut cardboard for the red part, covered in red duct tape and used a black foam sheet to make the shoulders.
The hands were more complicated, but I managed to cut cardboard and tape it to make the shape.
*The pictures don't have good quality because I sincerely thought this was not going to work.
Then covering with red tape, connecting upper and lower part with buttons inside and outside.
And leaving a hole to place the hand through.
And covering the outside button with a piece of felt.
I was going to ignore the part where Scizor has a pronounced private area, but my son thought it was important.I thought it looked similar to his taekwondo protective cup, so I tried to shape it like that. I used an old red T shirt and made the black details in black foam. The yellow piece of cardboard was just to place behind the fabric, to make it stiff.
I used hot glue to attach the fabric around the yellow cardboard, and made longer strings to help tie behind and give the same shape.

I tied all the strings behind so it looks rounder in some areas.
Then last my friend Leslie had blue oversized pants that resembled the round area on his hips(or legs?), so we placed it on top of his red pants, and the cup on top.
The wings were made of cardboard, too.
And the entire costume was completed with white fabric to cover his feet.
Halloween comes only once a year, and that is why I like to make their costumes.
But that is probably why I don't have more kids (although sometimes I wish I had).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

French Fries Costume.

For the Halloween costumes this year I tried to spend the least amount possible, and use as much junk from home I could.
My son asked me for a french fries costume, and this was something that could be made entirely in cardboard. The only thing I had to buy was red and yellow cardboard at the Dollar store. And I used my hot glue gun.
To make the container part I used a cardboard box. I cut the 4 sides and covered with the red paper (sorry, the pictures of the parts I cut disappeared).
To make the fries I folded the yellow cardboard in 4 parts and glued the edges together.
Then using another piece to cover the end.
I glued a few fries on the inside part that would be the back of the container, and also glued these pieces of fabric to make straps to tie and hold in the body.
Fries in the front part, too, on the inside.
And last gluing the four parts together to make the box.
To finally make the entire costume, I couldn't forget the "M".
The kids were happy with the final product.
It came better than I tought.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Japanese Family Crest.

On this journey to rediscover my ancestry, my husband found through one of his Japanese books, that each Japanese family has a symbol to represent them, called Kamon.
So all those pretty pictures of symbols I used to see, that I thought it was just for decoration, have in fact a meaning, and a family behind.
With a quick research on the Internet, he found the Kobayashi family crest.
I found so inspiring, I had to paint it somewhere.
We are using the symbol for our Taiko uniforms.
A very cool way to teach the kids about their ancestry, and incorporate to our family activity.