Made by hands, expressed from the heart.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

ResGatinhos Cat Rescue.

Animal lovers always get a way to find each other, and my guests this week are very big on this subject.
My cousin and her friend came for a visit to NY. They both happened to be cat lovers, who volunteer their time, money , and energy to rescue cats from the streets in Brazil. They work with veterinarians, get them healthy for a new home, and make sure the new kitties go to a safe environment. They run a non-profit organization called ResGatinhos, which means "Rescue Little Cats".
They also work educating people about feline diseases, how to care for a pet, and try to raise money through donations and merchandise through their website So in honor of their work and their heart, on their last night in my house, I made them a little cat party.

I made these little illustrations to decorate the cake. To download click here.
I also made little banners that I placed in skewers for my falafels, and also attached to straws. If you want to print these banners, click here.
For appetizers I made grilled cheese Catwiches. The sandwich cutters I found on Amazon.
It is always good to meet people that have something in common. But to meet those who go beyond, to help without expecting recognition, is a great pleasure to have in my house.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Minecraft Cake.

Our friend Kevin just turned 10, and I remember he loved this Minecraft cake on a magazine.
But of course I am still recovering from my Halloween party last week, so I couldn't come up with any crazy ideas.
My shortcut was to print a couple of characters in paper and place on top of a cake. The paper decorations I found from this site: (click the name to go to their link), and the pig was from Minecraft Printables. They were a little more work than I thought. But after some time with patience, scissors, glue and tape, I finished the toys.
By the time I had to make the cake, I had a little more energy and time. So I made all these squares using fondant. I let them dry overnight, before applying to the cake.

I made a rectangular cake, cut and stacked to be more like a cube. After frosting the entire cake, I placed the individual sugar squares. They weren't perfectly cut, so adding the paper decorations covered my flaws, and made it look more fun.
The cake looked a little crazy and disproportional, but the kids had a good time, and Kevin had that big smile on his face. Just what I wanted to see.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Kevin!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Party 2014.

Finally all my work was put to the test, I am glad to say the party was a success. Nothing broke, nobody got hurt, and it was a lot of fun.
The table was ready on time and there were lots of goodies.

Chocolate roofs, gummy ghosts, sugary pumpkins.
Some disgusting treats. Juice and some little gifts to take home.
The kids played with all the games I made, until they were destroyed, and there was nothing else to do.

And I don't know if it was only the sugar making them crazy.

I had to do something. So when everything else fails, my solution is to put them to play dodge ball.

Besides all the sweets, the grown ups had some healthy options.

And others, not so healthy but so tasty.
Later we went trick-or-treating, and we saw some spooky houses. Halloween is the best. The kids had a great time, and the other parents were happy too.
But I am so glad it is done. It is exhausting to plan, prepare, and execute a party for theses boys.
But they grow up so fast, that I better enjoy, while they want my company.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooky/ Yummy Haunted House.

I have been attempting, for the longest time, to have a edible Haunted House.
And instead of procrastinating, this year I started making it, without knowing I was going to finish.
So the beginning of the week, I started on my model. I have made a house in the past, using cake and Rice Kryspies, from the Gravity Falls Party But there will be enough sugar for the kids, so I decided to make the base out of cardboard.

Then I cover the entire model with aluminum foil, because it will be covered with food.

The next step was dip mini pretzels in melted chocolate, and cover the roof (at this point it looked very ugly, but I kept going to see if it would be better in the end).
For the house walls, I used pretzel rods, "glued" with frosting.
And for the entrance floor and doors, I used little chocolate covered wafers. And round cookies to make windows.

After the house was covered, I decorated with gummy candy Mummies, Pumpkins, and plastic spiders (which WILL be removed before eating).
This was made a day ahead, so I kept refrigerated, just in case.
The day of the party, a couple of hours away, I placed placed the house in the table.

To make it more real, I added some dirt for the ground, which was made from chocolate cookies grinded in the food processor. Plus the grass, made from coconut flakes with green food coloring.

I found some cool gummy candy.

And there was even a light up candy corn necklace( non edible, please).
I made a non- edible decoration, just because I wanted to use these cute clothespins I found at Michaels.
I made this candy corn on the cob, an idea from Instructables.
Now that the table is ready, I can't wait for the kids to come back from school.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mommy Brain, Scattered Brain, or My Brain.

I could not decide on my costume, and all I knew I wanted to wear a hat.
Just when I was looking at some pictures of hats, heads, I saw a brain.
And that would be my hat, with the description of my personal(unscientific) look on the anatomy.
First I made a model with clay on top of a old plastic hat.

Later in the day, I used a technique that my husband found on line. He helped me with that part.
Using a sheet of a large foam sheet, I placed on a 350 degree oven for about 30 seconds.

Immediately the hot sheet is placed on a suction vacuum, with the model placed on top.

This way the foam sheet will shape according to the mold.

I repeated the process 3 more times, because I wanted different colors.

Then I cut each according to the areas I wanted, and glued with hot glue.

After done I wrote little signs to show the different areas of my brain.

It is lightweight, and people had a lot of fun reading it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thrifty Halloween, more ideas coming.

Today I worked on some more games for the kids, because nobody wants kids full of sugar and nothing to do. So hopefully this will hold them occupied for a little while.
I got some cardboard for kids projects, and made a game of "Toss the Eyeball". Note: however is anatomy savvy will notice my mistake on the hand, thumb facing the other side. But well, it is all wrong anyway.

These eyeballs are from the Dollar Store, and I cut and painted the skeleton and the floating eyeballs.

I had one more board, and I made a big spider web, and used all type of spiders I had available: plastic, stickers, paper.

For that we will use slingshot stick bugs to hit the targets, that I found on sale at Party City.
Then I remember that I needed to have a juice dispenser, to use the cups I made earlier this week. I decorated it with my Halloween paper, and placed all kinds of little favors I found at Michaels: erasers, plastic rings, stickers.

One idea I saw online was a game of Ring Tossing, and I thought this would be fun for the kids. So then that old witch hat, that my sister forgot 2 years ago, came out handy.
And for the rings, I got some glow-in-the dark necklaces, from the Dollar store. They will be good for trick-or-treat later at night.
The day is approaching, and I still have lots to do. My brain hopefully will still be working on ideas, to make a fun day for the kids.