Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween party?

So with a week approaching Halloween day, my son reminded me that I had promised a Little (little) Party.
And again it is not a option to go out and spend a lot of money in decorations, games, goodies...but I really wanted to make something nice for the kids.
So the option was to recycle as much materials as possible.
The juice boxes were looking pretty tempting. And before discarding, I wrapped them in tissue paper, and cut some cute Halloween paper I had from last year (which I bought on sale at Michaels).
So with them, we can play Toss the ball and hit the monsters (or something like that).
I had an old spice jar, and a jelly jar, that I covered with the same Recollections cardstock paper.
And this is not recycling, but it is a inexpensive, cute idea for snacks. I used my clothespins, drew spiders with a Sharpie, and glued tiny googly eyeballs (also from Michaels).
They will be used to close brown bags, which I plan to fill with popcorn.

And also, on my last trip to Target, I saw the greatest idea on the chips aisle. It is a bag of Cheetos Bone Sahped. So I decided to put them in little snack bags, and made little skeletons using my Sharpie.

So hopefully I will be on schedule, because I have to come up with more ideas.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Gravity Falls Mystery Book.

There is one TV show that my kids watch, and me and my husband love is Gravity Falls.
We love all the mysteries, the supernatural, and the corky characters (that resemble us when we were kids) that don't quite fit in with the rest of the kids.
So I suggested my son to be the main character, Dipper, who carries around a book of an unknown author, and it is full of secrets. He loved the idea!
And my mission for this week was to make that book!
I had a box shaped like a book, and it would be perfect to make some pages, and use as a treat box for Halloween

I used a large red cardstock paper to cover the book, like in the cartoon.

For the details I cut up gold paper (the goldest gold paper I could find on Michaels) and glued to the book cover.
Plus, I got so lucky I found this piece that looks like a one eye eyeglass. It was in the jewelry section at Michaels.
And not to forget, a few rips that Dipper's book has on it.
To make the pages, I cut a big, white construction paper to the size of the book. Then to make look "aged", I poured coffee on top and let the paper soak it well.

After a couple of minutes, I placed the wet paper in my toaster oven, and let it bake slightly on "toast" for about 2 minutes. I had to be careful not to burn it, but little parts that got a burn mark looked nice, to make look old.

Then it became wrinkly and old, the way I wanted.

My little son wanted to help, and I let him use a pencil to draw "The Triangle Man, Bill Cypher".

And I used a black and red Sharpies, a few splashes of ink, and copied the pages from everything Gravity Falls I could find on the web.

It was so much fun to write about these creatures, and make the book look real

And of course, Dipper's hat had to be here. I covered and old cap with white and blue felt, for my son's costume.
It will be Gravity Falls Halloween all the way!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New chairs, please!

My chairs are so beat up from food spills, cat scratches, art projects remains, that I wanted to replace them.
But "wanting" something does not mean you really "need" them. So just because I don't have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, I left those seats get uglier, year by year.

Until my good friend Kyoko- san gave me a lot of pieces of fabric, and the colors were perfect in my red dining/living room.
So with the help of my never out of energy mother-in-law dona Marlene, we unscrewed the seats, pulled out the old fabric, and stapled the new fabric.

It was a 4 hour job for 2 people, including my trip to Lowes to get more staplers.
Now they look good and new again.

All the chairs don't match because the fabric was not enough. But for someone who wears unmatched socks, different chairs won't bother.

I love them! Arigato Kyoko-san, obrigada dona Marlene.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feliz Aniversário Camila!

Hoje é aniversário da minha querida cunhada Camila,e mesmo estando muito longe, eu fiz o bolo que ela gosta.
Como aqui nao tem Bolo Prestígio, tive que fazer umas pesquisas para achar os ingredientes.
Achei a receita da melhor doceira que eu conheço, e o link do Bolo de Cocolati esta aqui no blog Chocolatria.
A decoração foi inspirada na cachorrinha que ela tem, que se chama Sky.

Depois resolvi fazer a minha cachorrinha Lelé.
E por fim eu fiz outro amiguinho.

A gente vai cantar parabéns via Skype, e ela vai comer o bolo prestígio que ela ganhou lá no Brasil. Parabéns Camila, mulher corajosa, batalhadora, mãezone de uma menina linda, e cada ano mais bonita.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Take a bite of this cup.

I always wanted to make these cute edible teacups. It was the ideal treat to serve my sister, visiting me from out of state.
And I finally found it on
If you go on the link, there is a video that shows how to make. But what was great about it, is that she solved my problem about cutting the sugar cones, without breaking in pieces. Her solution was soaking the cones in water for about 20 seconds.

Then cutting about 2 inches with a serrated knife.

It was soft enough that I could cut the rough edges with scissors.

The base was made from one half of sandwich cookies (without the cream), and half of Reeses Peanut butter cups. They were "glued" together with melted chocolate.

Then the cup was attached to the base with more melted chocolate...

...that was also used to decorate the top of the cone.

Then I cut the handles using mini pretzels, attaching with the melted chocolate.

Right before serving, I placed a dollop of Passion Fruit Mousse (click on the name to go to the recipe).

I thought it was adorable.
And my sister and me had a great time playing tea time.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Little Kitties Cake.

This week we celebrated my little big sister's birthday! We were so happy she traveled to see us, I wanted to make a cake for her.
Looking for inspiration, Huffpost Taste posted this picture of a cake with cats on top, and I loved this idea so much that I rushed to make these kitties.

The original lady made the cats from mochi. But for me I had easier access to marzipan, and I assumed the results would be similar.
Then I colored using food coloring pens, and other details with food coloring in paint brush.
She is actually more of a dog lover. But I just couldn't help it, and made a bunch of kitties.
But she loved it, anyway.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Visita da Vovó.

Meus filhos estavam super ansiosos para receber a vovó aqui em casa, e levá-la aos nossos lugares preferidos.
Esse fim de semana ela visitou um campo de abóboras, numa fazenda aqui perto, e adorou.

Geralmente as pessoas usam essas abóboras de enfeite na casa.

Mas claro, chegando em casa, dona Marlene nao teve sossego e foi até a cozinha.
Usou uma faquinha, e descascou a abóbora inteira (tanto a casca como o fruto sao muito duros e difíceis de descascar).

Quando eu já havia desistido de ajudar, ela cortou tudo em gominhos.
Depois cada pedaço ela cortou em fatias fininhas.
Colocou tudo na panela, com meia xícara de agua, e umas 3(acho) xícaras de açúcar (ela faz tudo a olho e jogou o tanto que achou necessário).

Pois por uma meia hora, cozinhou em fogo brando, mexeu, picou mais...

...até ficar bem cozido.

E depois de esfriar, eu coloquei num vidrinho pra deixar mais bonitinho.

Mas o mais importante foi saber que, ela teve todo esse trabalho, mais pra fazer um agrado pros netos... pro filho...e pra nora, claro.
Cozinhar é um ato de carinho, mas ter tanto trabalho pra fazer deve ser um ato de amor... e amor é o que ela mais tem no coraçao.
Obrigado Vovó Marlene.