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Friday, February 10, 2017

Japanese Doll.

I became quite curious about this new trend of remaking dolls, erasing their faces and giving them new clothes.
And the other day I came across a used doll in the store for 2 dollars, so I decided to give it a try.
The first person I saw remaking dolls is a lady from Australia, and her company is called Tree Change Dolls. She likes to erase all the make up from the dolls, and give them a more child like appearance. So I follow her instructions to erase the face, wiping baby oil followed by nail polish.

Next I draw the new eyes with a pencil. What I like to draw is more anime style faces, with the big eyes. So that what I went for.

Then I used my acrylic paint to finish the eyes. Since she is my first doll and I am not very good with paintbrushes. one eye was bigger than the other.
After the eyes were dry, I had to decide on her clothes. To follow the style of her eyes, I decided to make a Japanese inspired outfit. I didn't have much of the fabric, so I had to adjust here and there.
The doll comes with those huge boots and she does not have feet. So I used clay to make new feet and sewed new shoes, trying to resemble tabi boots.
I placed her hair up and made little kanzashi flowers for her hair. The only challenge was to make it very small, so I made in the same way but using tweezers.
I found a beautiful ribbon to make her obi, and tied the obijime as best as I could, because it was so small.
After that, I could play with my doll the way I wanted.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chocolate Cake Mousse, or chocolate mousse cake?

We are in the middle of a snow storm, and I know later on I will have to shovel. So for a little motivation and rewarding myself in advance, I decided to make some chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse inside.
I first made the cakes in my Half Sphere Silicone Baking Mold. After cooled I used my melon ball cutter and made a cavity inside.
I made a simple chocolate mousse with whipped heavy cream mixed with melted chocolate and placed a scoop in each cavity.

Last I covered with melted chocolate.
After all covered they looked like this.
A few minutes refrigerated they were ready to eat.

I made an extra so my son could cover with regular frosting and sprinkles.
They all looked very tasty.
And should give me enough strength to go outside and clean up.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pill dispenser for my earrings.

I love my little earrings but lately they have been scattered all over my bedroom table. Then they get mixed up and end up getting lost.
So when I got a visit from my mother-in-law, she bought a lot of vitamins and we were looking for smaller containers to combine them. When I saw the weekly pill dispenser, it looked perfect for my earrings.
The slots looked a little big, but that was the only model from the Dollar Store. So I made a little division with cardboard and the space could be doubled.
The big letters still made it look not very appealing, and I discovered they could be scratched off with a penny.
After all clean, even though it had little scratches from the coin, it looked nice.
And for the final touch, also to cover up the scratches, I used my Emoji stickers.
A little fun way to organize little things you like.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Doll House Makeover.

I always loved doll houses, I used to make them growing up in cardboard and newspaper. After I had my boys, I never had the chance to take time to make a cute house with all the accessories only delicate children would appreciate.
But I happened to have a little niece, who loves princesses and tea parties and lives all the way in Brazil. My mother-in-law came to visit and she mentioned my niece was recently hospitalized. The only thing that cheered her up was a old, broken doll house that belongs to her neighbor. They tried to find a doll house for her, but it is hard to find it in Brazil, and the ones available they cannot afford.
So we went to Once Upon a Child, a store that sells used children's clothes and toys. We got so lucky we found a very cute house she will love to play.

She was so excited when we showed the house by Skype, but I realized the house needed a little work. And then I went to work.
The kitchen had furniture, but it needed a little color.
I used different pattern papers to redecorate, but what I love are these bracelet charms shaped like cups and plates. I found them at Michaels.

I made little curtains and a little flower vase in the window.

I made a table with a jar top and straws.

The bathroom comes with a sink and a toilet that flushes and talks.
I thought it needed a shower that I made in clay, a curtain and this miniature tray with bottles that I bought at AcMoore, where I also bought these button flip flops.

The toilet paper and shampoo bottles I made in clay and the towels are made of paper.
This is the baby room before.
I made a little bed in cardboard and decorated with my niece Ana Luisa's picture.
There was another room I didn't know what to do for the house.
So I made a teenager room, when Ana Luisa grows up.
I had these flower stickers that went well in the wall.
And I made cardboard furniture with notebooks she can use and a fluffy pillow in her bed.
There is a living room with a fireplace.
I made a sofa using cardboard and fabric.
And I found this nice miniature clock at AcMoore.
My kids helped me making the burger and fries in clay.
The refrigerator came full, but needed some magnets, made out of buttons.
There was an extra room that I also was having trouble decorating, so I made it a Japanese room. My husband wrote Ana Luisa in Japanese.
The bunk beds needed some mattresses and pillows.
The house roof looked like a play area.
So I made a garden in clay, found a bracelet charm in the shape of a watering can, and found this miniature tricycle at AcMoore.
The house looks much happier now, I am so happy it is finished.
I can't wait for her the have this house in her hands, and hopefully soon I can go and we can play together.