Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Power of the Words.

I first saw Dr Emoto's Power of the Thoughts experiment on Facebook.
He had different water samples, and exposed each one of them to either positive or negative words. After that he photographed all of them in crystal forms. I was very surprised to see the results, that showed beautiful water crystals exposed to prayer, love and kind words. And those exposed to negative words or emotions, the crystals were not uniform or not formed at all. So the conclusion was that the water responded to words and emotional vibrations.
Watch the video here. Then I saw his second experiment, using rice and water.
The other video is here.
The rice exposed to love and positive words ended up fermenting in a pleasant way, the one exposed to negative words and also the ignored one became rotten looking.
So I decided it would be a good idea for the kids to do this experiment.
First I got three jars, and after washed and cleaned, we placed the same amount of rice inside (hands washed).

Then we covered the rice with filtered water, also trying our best not to contaminate the experiment.

The jars were loosely closed, and we wrote different signs on each:
"I love you."
"I don't like you."
So for 30 days, everyday we praised the "I love you" jar, we yelled and said not very nice things to the "I don't like you" jar, and the "Ignore" jar we completely ignored. They were placed in the same area of the house, side by side, and handled in the same way."
I asked the kids every time they were frustrated and about to fight, to go tell the insults to the "I don't like you" jar instead of each other.
My point was to show them that if you say certain words, they do hurt and have a negative impact on the target.
And after 30 days we saw the results.
The "I love you" rice started to ferment, but all the grains remained white, intact and with a nice appearance.

The "I don't like you" rice started to disintegrate, and the water became brownish.

The "Ignore" jar also looked different, the grains started to get darker in color and the grains in the bottom disintegrating.

In the end our experiment wasn't as dramatic as Dr. Emoto's experiment, but we could say it confirmed the results . Not only for the fact that I do believe that depending on the words you say, they do carry a certain energy, and can be transferred the other individual. But it is another tool for the kids to understand that, you should choose your words to say, especially for your loved ones.
Hopefully they will remember this when they are teenagers.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Make cheap crafts, then eat it.

Having the kids at home for Summer is also a big way... to spend money. So in the days that we don't go to the movies, or to the mall, or any other way that requires using cash, I try to make activities that use what I already have at home.
Today I noticed the amount of eggs I have in the fridge, purchased from the wholesale. So why not do the Easter egg crafts in the Summer too?
I started during my breakfast, boiling about a dozen of eggs for 15 minutes. After cooled in water we dried and set them on the side.

Some of them I used food coloring spray.

Then we decorated the eggs, using food coloring pen, googly eyes, and leftover paper I used in other projects.

I still planned to eat the eggs, so instead of using glue, I used my old, good, sticky rice to glue the eyes and paper details.

Then for the pictures, I made a background and some props, and the kids colored and helped me finish.

After everything finished, we placed them in their scenes, took pictures, and played farm and aliens.

This craft took all day and we made a big mess. But that doesn't bother me, and for tomorrow I have enough egg salad for everyone.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monster Melon Watermelon.

There is nothing better than getting in the pool in a hot Summer day.
So we were so lucky to get invited to have lunch at our friend Diane's house, and the kids could play in the pool.
I couldn't go empty handed, so the watermelon and the fruit in my fridge looked perfect for a fun dessert. With the help of my melon baller, a knife and some toothpicks, I made a Monster Melon.

Since more food is never a bad idea, I had some fresh corn, made turkey meatballs, and the kids had some hot dogs. I also had a banana bread, so I decorated with some strawberries.

We had a great time, the kids played in the pool, and we enjoyed the day together. And that is what Summer is for, isn't it?

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Valeria veio me visitar!!!! - Today in Portuguese

Depois de 20 anos sem encontrar a minha querida amiga Valeria, ela veio se aventurar com a sua linda familia aqui pelos meus lados.
Foi muito bom ver o quanto a gente nao muda depois de tanto tempo, e ver a vida de cada uma na fase adulta, mais madura.
Claro que para esse momento especial, aprontei uns petiscos e umas cores alegres na mesa.

Preparei a salada com queijinhos no dia anterior, e usei vegetais da minha horta.

Preparei meatballs e Cogumelos Recheados com paezinhos da padaria.
A salada de frutas tambem ficou uma bem decorada, porque eu coloquei esses palitinhos do Michaels.
E cake pops e para saborear e para decorar.

E entre uma memoria e outra, dos tempos de faculdade, e das aulas de danca de salao, foi tao ver que continuamos as mesmas. Foi muito bom te encontrar Valerinha, e conhecer a sua familia! Espero te encontrar de novo!
E mesmo mais "amadurecidas", o senso de humor continua o mesmo.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Kindergarten is almost over...

School is almost over, and we really wanted to send a small, thoughtful gift for Mrs. Shumsky. She is a very sweet kindergarten teacher, and all the kids, as well as the parents, love to have her.
I really didn't want to send her sweets, like I usually do, or a gift certificate, sometimes my other option.
So my son saw the strawberries in our garden and wanted to bring them to her. And this is how I had this idea.
We first collected different herbs, little carrots and the strawberries from out garden.
Then I had him making labels for each one of them.
We labeled the herbs.
I wrapped everything in wrapping plastic (those you use to make baskets).
And placed everything in a gift box...
...along with my card saying thank you, for making Anderson's first year in Elementary School so great.
We will miss you Mrs. Shumsky. Booo-hooooo...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Super power donuts.

My son would live at Dunkin' Donuts if he could, to the point that the nice manager knows him and recognize us in the street.
But once an a while, I try to give my family something more nutritious. So I make a big mix of all my good for the body ingredients, and try to trick them to eat.

Since I had quinoa, but not the flour type, I put it through my Nutribullet, but I believe any coffee grinder or processor will do it.

I also did the same with oatmeal.
So I used 1/4 cup of each ingredient:
-quinoa flour
-oatmeal flour
-protein powder
-whole wheat flour
-spelt flour
-coconut butter
All mixed with:
-1 egg
-1/2 cup milk
-1 tsp baking powder
After mixed, I baked on my doughnut baking pan on 380 F degree oven for 20 minutes.

To serve them, I tried to make them look different. So I used cinnamon on one, then powder sugar, cocoa powder, and white frosting (using protein powder mixed with powder sugar and a drop of milk) with sprinkles.

And at least for today we ate healthy, so tomorrow we can indulge.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mutt Puppy.

I just finished another miniature made with polymer clay.
At first, it suppose to be a Chihuahua, then it looked more like a Pit Bull. But in the end I decided to call my puppy a mutt, because I love mutts.