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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Fruit Salad.

It is the end of school year, for the class party I was assigned to bring fruit. A much more popular option, considering I had to bring vegetables for the kids on previous years,
So to make it easier to serve I made individual cups of mixed fruit, hoping they at least eat most of the fruit. But to make it more appealing for them, I decided to make little fruit faces.
I used my cardstock paper and cut different shapes, made little faces with a Sharpie and taped them in paper straws.

The cups will travel in a box together and hopefully they will still be cold when we get to the school.
The third graders will be ready to go on Summer vacation, so nothing better than some smiley fruit to end this great year.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hair Bows.

My craft supplies in my basement are getting out of control. So I decided to start using the material I kept from other projects.
The first batch of materials I had were a bunch o ribbons. And ribbons ask for pretty bows.
I had some Fourth of July ribbons.
Some pink ribbons.
And hopefully it will make a few kids happy with a colorful hair clip.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Butterflies in my fan.

I always wanted to have a wooden fan for the Summer, and I found them at my craft store Michaels.
But they were still missing a little more color, that is why I decided to paint these butterflies.
They were all cut in a paper cutting machine called Cricut and then I hand painted with watercolor.
I added a few cute ribbons and some charms at the base of my fans.
And in the end I placed one butterfly on each fan.
Now my they look a little more like Spring.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Paper Medal.

Lat night we made a quick project for my son's teacher and he wanted to make by himself.
It is simple enough that your kids can do it.
We just cut out the center part of a cupcake liner.
He taped the bigger piece on top of a paper circle (sorry I don't have pictures), then taped the other one on top. Last he taped the kitty face that came on the bottom of the liner. Then taped a couple of ribbons behind.
Then we just taped a safety pin behind (yes it is a lot of tape).
It is a cute and quick idea for a party. Today they are celebrating Mrs. Wright's baby.
Congratulations Mrs. Wright.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baby Cookies.

I just finished some cookies for the baby gender reveal party for Jessica.
I got a great cookie tutorial from They have a nice video that explains step by step, the only way I could make decent cookies.
My friend Leslie came up with the idea of the cookies and I wish I could make a more detailed design. I discovered I can only make dots or straight lines. That is why I came up with this design, I called it "for the pipping bag challenged".
It is just so exciting to wait for a new baby to come.
And to have a whole party to reveal the gender of the baby, that makes even more special.
Can't wait to meet you baby girl, or boy.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chocolate Shoes.

My friend Leslie is organizing a Baby Gender Reveal Party for her friend Jessica, and they decided to have baby shoes on top.
Since I have worked with chocolate clay before, I decided to give it a try.
First I had to make the prototype in paper, to look at the dimensions and proportions.
Once I had the approximate sizes of all the pieces, I made the chocolate clay. I used the recipe from Wilton's website: click here for recipe.
After the clay was ready to be used, it was very hard and not malleable. After 10 seconds in the microwave, It was softer and ready.
I used all kinds of utensils to cut the pieces: pizza cutter, knife, cookie cutters, rolling pin and straws.

Then putting the pieces together, I noticed they stick to each other if they are warm. But I had to place a piece of aluminum foil, so the front of the shoe would not collapse. After refrigerated I could remove the foil, because the whole pice gets harder.
And I finished making a pink and a blue pair of shoes.
I hope they will look nice on top of the cake.